Deutsche Killifisch Gemeinschaft

The DKG was born on May 3, 1969 when about 70 fish hobbyists met and founded the Deutsche Killifisch Gemeinschaft which very specially concentrates on Cyprinodontids, also called killifish. Already in summer 1970, a constantly increasing number of members required registration in the associations list of the city of Wiesbaden. Meanwhile our association has about 750 members worldwide. Since 1989, also the killifish friends in the new Bundesländer are members of the DKG.

Thus the DKG is the worlds second largest killifish association and one of the largest aquarium club in Germany.

We as members of the DKG defined some objectives:

The activities of our association shall foster the distribution of killifish among fish hobbyists. Through exhange of experiences, we want to give all members the occasion to widen their treasure trove of experience in this particular field of interest for maintenance and breeding of ornamental fish. It is our intention to facilitate the acquisition of a good affordable killifish stock for our members . We want to assure that once species have become available in our tanks, these do not get lost. In this respect, we advocate a reasonable species conservation and campain against the implementation of so-called "positive lists"

To achieve this and more, the DKG created certain establishments:

  • The DKG-Journal - The magazine for aquaristic and scientific articles about killifish. Frequency of publication six times per year

  • DKG-Aktuell - internal bulletin of the DKG. Release together with the DKG-Journal

  • The DKG slide archive
    This is a collection of photgraphs showing killifish and related topics, if desired these can be borrowed to members.

  • The DKG Literature Archive
    This is collection of literature specially about killifish whose components is made available to DKG members for free

  • The DKG Homepage
    Presentation of the DKG in the WWW and for exchange of experiences with killifish, not only by DKG members

Species conservation is fostered by Study Groups feeling responsible for single fish species and groups, respectively.

All over Germany, there are Regional Groups (one of them in Austria). Information about such a group in your area can be found in our Overview.
Here special presentations and travel reports are given, one get into contact with killie breeders in an uncomplicated manner and in the best case one can even bring some new fish to ones home.

The highlight of each year is our Convention held each year during the weekend after Ascension Day, each time at a different place in Germany.

This event offers even our foreign friends the occasion to fresh up contacts and to exchange special knowledge.
In our show tanks, visitors can admire the richness of species of these fish by looking at 500 - 600 exposed pairs and breeding groups, respectively.

Membership of the association
The DKG is member ofVerband Deutscher Vereine für Aquarien- und Terrarienkunde (VDA) e.V.