48th DKG Convention - Hohenkammer 2018

Invitation to the 48th DKG Convention

The Board of the DKG and the Regional Group „München“ (Munich) invite all foreign and national killifish friends to the 48th International Convention of the Deutsche Killifisch Gemeinschaft (DKG) from May 10 to May 13, 2018 in the Schloss (Castle) Hohenkammer in the town of Hohenkammer.

Arrival by car – from North and South
Coming from South in the direction of Ingolstadt/­Nürnberg/Berlin on Highway (Bundesautobahn) A9 and from North in the direction of München on the A9. Exit Highway A9 at „Anschlussstelle Allershausen (67)“ and follow the indicators to the left in the direction of Hohenkammer.
Leave the roundabout at the second exit (180°) and follow the road in the direction of Eglhausen until you arrive at Hohenkammer. In the town itself, follow the road to the town limit where you turn half right on the B13 in the direction of Ingolstadt. Follow the main road till you pass the church, then turn left into the Petershauser Straße. 100m later you reach the Schlossstraße at your right hand. Parking places can be found directly after the bridge on your left hand.

Coming from the airport
Starting at the München Airport (MUC), follow Highway A92 in the direction of Eching/­München. At Highway Cross (Autobahnkreuz) „Neufahrn“ change to Highway A9 in the direction of Ingolstadt/­Nürnberg/Berlin. Get off Highway A9 at Exit „Allershausen (67)“ and follow the above description.

Only with pre-registration at Klaus Stehle.
Guests arriving by plane at MUC get the pickup offer with direct transfer to Schloss Hohenkammer.

From Hauptbahnhof München (Munich Main Railway Station)
take the subway „S-Bahn S2“ or the Regional Train in the direction of Ingolstadt up to the Station “Petershausen” (S-Bahn terminal station). The distance from Petershausen to Schloss Hohenkammer is but a few kilometres which can be done easily by Taxi. All guests of the Hotel „Schloss Hohenkammer“ have the occasion to travel from any place in Germany to their destination „Schloss Hohenkammer“ for the amount of 99 Euro.

The Convention will be held in the Hotel named „Schloss Hohenkammer“ so that all events take place at one single site. The Exhibition will be in an event hall and the presentations will be held in various rooms.

Schloss Hohenkammer GmbH
Schlossstraße 18–25
D-85411 Hohenkammer
Telefon 0049 8137 93 40
Single Room 84,00€ including breakfast
Double Room 101,00€ including breakfast (unfortunately not available anymore).

The program of the Convention
contains three presentations on Friday, May 11th, 2018, the speakers are:
José Ramón García Gil
Emmanuel Fellmann
and Pascal Sewer

Further accomodation facilities:

Hotel-Restaurant Zum Forst
An der Lahn 4
D-85402 Thalhausen
Single Room 60,00€ including breakfast
Double Room 90,00€ including breakfast
about 15 km from the Convention site

Landhotel Huberhof
Freisingerstr. 18
D-85391 Allershausen
Single Room 89,00€ including breakfast
Double Room 104,00€ including breakfast
about 6 km from the Convention site

Landgasthot Lindermeir
Münchener Straße 4
D-85293 Reichertshausen
Double Room 70,00€, breakfast on request for + 8,00€
about 4 km from the Convention site

Hotel Gasthof Obermeier
Münchener Straße 1
D-85391 Allershausen
Double Room 88,00€ including breakfast
about 6 km from the Convention site

Further accomodation facilities
like Pensions, Guest Houses, and Hotel can be found in the town of Allershausen and its surroundings.

Visit Program Saturday, May 12, 2018
Only with pre-registration from now on at Klaus Stehle.
Saturday, May 12, 2018, 13:30 departure from Schloss Hohenkammer with one or two busses to the Munich Botanical Garden. Our DKG member Dr. Günter Gerlach and his collegue will offer a guided tour inside the Botanical Garden, duration about two hours. The visitors will be split into two groups. All participants will be back at the DKG Convention between 16:30 and 17:00. The bus ride costs 14€ per person

The Price Award Ceremony will take place Saturday 18:00 in the event hall.

Banquet will start Saturday at 19:30. A warm Bavarian Buffet will be offered for the price of about 32,00€.
Registrations from now on by e-mail to Klaus Stehle or by phone under 00 49 151-22000055 at Klaus Stehle. To be paid at the Convention site (Klaus Stehle).

We are looking forward to welcome numerous guests and are hoping for a good Convention with beautiful fish, interesting presentations, and companiable conversation as well as hopefully nice weather at the Schloss Hohenkammer.

For the DKG Regional Group MünchenKlaus Stehle