Link to the SEK Website added"
SEK Conservation Program

+ 27/03/03

Fp. cinnamomeus "Supe GPE 90/16"
Added as core species.

+ 24/03/03

Website update
Major restructuring and layout modifications.

+ 10/03/03

Endangered species lists dropped from this website
These lists will be maintained and discussed elsewhere.

+ 10/03/03

Spanish group joined

+ 02/03/03

Portugese group joined

+ 23/12/01

International Killifish Conservation Program (IKCP) launched by founder members from the UK (Tim Addis), USA (Charles Nunziata), Germany (Axel Schwekendiek)

+ 01/09/01

Welcome to Killifish Conservation!

This website is dedicated to killifish conservation. Several killifish clubs from countries all over the world as well as some independent breeding groups have agreed to combine their efforts in long-term conservation of representative killifish populations. The "International Killifish Conservation Program" - IKCP - was born in Sept. 2001 with this website as its supportive platform.


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